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1. intellectual property rights.

(1) domain name, logo and distinguished name.

The website is protected by the relevant laws for the, 7000mall,, and other registered domain names, trademarks and proprietary names of this website. Without the written consent of the website owner, no entity or individual may use the above domain name, trademark or proprietary name to cause confusion or ambiguity. The website LOGO, tags, this website use LOGO LOGO, Chinese and English names, etc are all proprietary marks of this site, without the written consent of website owners anyone shall not be used, imitation, imitation and modification.

(2) Copyright.

This website contains all of the content (including but not limited to: text, images, designs, web, video and voice content, database, application, LOGO LOGO, layout design, column directory and the name, content classification) are the property of and this website content/information providers such as the owners.

The content of this website and software are the general civil law of the People's Republic of China, the law of the People's Republic of China copyright law and international convention of regulations on copyright protection and other relevant laws and regulations to protect. And software can be used as the content of the information in this web site for online trading and online auction information resources, and any other use of this website such content, including modification, distribution, forwarding, reprint, presentations, or broadcast will be strictly prohibited.

(3) objection to copyright.

Such as obligee think this web site or the content involved in the text, pictures, sound and video information, etc (hereinafter referred to as the "information") for copyright infringement, should be timely written notice of this web site, and should be provided with the corresponding proof, this site will be deleted in accordance with the accused of infringement of "data" or disconnect the corresponding link; However, if the obligee fails to provide valid proof of identity, proof of authorship and evidence of infringement, it shall be deemed as undisputed. The website shall not be liable for any errors in the deletion of "information", or the connection between the error and the "information", as a result of the written notice of the obligee.

2. Website usage. and any of its components shall not be reproduced, copied, copied, traded, or used for any commercial purpose that is not permitted by If make sure customer behavior is illegal or detrimental to its website and the benefit of the enterprise, and its affiliates will be retained, including but not limited to, refused to provide services, proprietary account freeze member, and/or cancel the order.

The link service on can go directly to other sites. These links are not controlled by, and is not responsible for any content linked to the site. The services provided by the users in the use of this website, please pay attention to browse the site when the related regulations, and to use their judgment in the risk of, to decide whether to use these websites to provide content or services.

3. Disclaimer.

Including but not limited to all content on this site website or information on this site, content, materials or products, as well as links to third party web site information, content, and service, express or implied assurances are provided. information on use of this web site, content, and services and the dispute, controversy, infringement, claims and other matters, do not assume any responsibility, including but not limited to direct, indirect or accidental loss.

4. Operating rules.

The following terms and conditions described above apply to this website and to any action that has an interactive effect on the site. Online users who use, enter or participate in any other interacting areas on the above areas or websites agree to all of these terms. Your online communication is happening in real time without any editing, compression, or any other form of control from the site. This website cannot and does not identify the content of all the website users. However, this site reserves the right to monitor the contents of this website and to delete any other contents that are deemed harmful, controversial or in violation of the rules of this operation. Provided in order to meet user needs the high value of information services, and to avoid users from this web site due to a lack of real rights of others, malicious attacks, or other harmful state caused by the loss, this website it is necessary to establish the following rules in order to avoid the abuse of this site:

When you use this website, you cannot:

(1) paste or spread any illegal, threatening, defamatory, derogatory, revenge, profane or any other prohibited by law from information, including but not limited to any provocative encourages crime, or in violation of civil obligations or any other violation of local laws and regulations, state laws and regulations or international laws and practices or the content of the convention;

(2) paste or disseminate any person's personal privacy, paste or disseminate the contents of the virus, or any content with any derogatory or damaging characteristics;

(3) paste or spread any property rights of others data, graphics, or programs, including in the form of the method using unregistered copyright text, graphics, or program, trade secrets and other confidential information, trademarks, service marks, etc.;

(4) disturb other users of this website in any form.

5. Governing law. is operated and controlled by shenzhen ROMOSS technology co., LTD., and is governed by the laws of the People's Republic of China. We reserve the right to change our website and the above terms and conditions at any time.


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