Submission Guidelines

The 7000Mall only accepts submissions from "original" and "starting at 7000Mall." The submission theme must be related to the 7000Mall product. After the manuscript is adopted, it will be placed in the corresponding column according to the manuscript type.

Contributor Type Description

1、Depth or unique 7000Mall product evaluation articles.
Reference example:

• ROMOSS sense6+ USB PD mobile power disassembly evaluation

2、Video submission. Contains 7000Mall products or brands of all kinds of beautiful video, video requirements clear and smooth, no watermark LOGO, must indicate the video theme and profile.
Reference example:

7000Mall has the right to decide whether the manuscript is adopted and it is not necessary to provide specific reasons.

Contribution method
Submission email:
Title Format: (Submission) Article Title
Text content:
Your personal introduction, facebook address or personal blog address
Contribution type
If you have special requirements, please specify in the body of the message
The manuscript should be sent as an attachment in a Word document. If there is a picture, please insert the picture in the correct position of the text, and additionally package the picture as an attachment. The size of the picture is generally no less than 960 pixels across.

If there is no reply within a week, it is deemed that the manuscript has not been adopted.
The submission is regarded as the author's right to voluntarily grant 7000Mall the right to re-authorize the article without the need to seek the author's consent. Contributors provide text, pictures, videos, and other content copyright to the information provider. The information provider is responsible for the authenticity of the information published.
If you have a contributing type of consultation, you can also send it to the above e-mail with the heading indicating “Submitting Consultation”. However, the consultation may not be able to reply one by one. Please forgive me.