• ROMOSS Freemos 1 Wireless Charging Pad

    Ultra Convenient with Wireless Juice
    Just a easy drop can power up your Qi-enabled device without tangled cables. No need to plug out the cable to answer a call while charging your phone.
    Full Speed Wireless Charge
    Put your Qi-enabled phone on the pad and charge-up begins wirelessly at a rapid and stable speed.
    Super Thin & Compact
    Ultra compact and slim body with thickness of only 1cm. Save more space for your bag or on the table.
    Smart Compatibility
    The built-in Qi technology enables to boost most of Qi-Enabled smartphones, such as Samsung Note5/s6/s6 Edge/s6 Edge+, LG Nexus 4/Nexus 5/Nexus 6/LTE 2/D1, Nokia Lumia 930/820/1020/1520/920/822, HTC 8X/Butterfly (US Version)/Incredible 4GLTC, Motorola 360, Huawei W3,etc. With ROMOSS wireless charging receiver, you can charge your Non-Qi-enabled phone as well.

  • ROMOSS Freemos 5 5000mAh Wireless Power Bank

    Bye to Tangled Cables No need for cables

    Just take Freemoss 5 when you’re on the go. Its 5000mAh capacity is enough to keep your phone going all day.
    Juice up Both Qi-enabled and Non-Qi-enabled Devices
    Non-Qi-enabled devices equipped with a ROMOSS wireless charging receiver can still be fueled up wirelessly. This wireless power bank with a cable can supply power to various devices as conventional power banks.
    Thinner than Thinner
    5000mAh batteries are squeezed into a incredible stylish and slim body with only 1.13cm thickness.
    Advanced Safety
    Multi-protections features completely let go of your safety worries.

  • ROMOSS Hexa Wireless Fast Charging Pad

    9W Fast Charging
    High power up to 9W delivers 2X faster charging speed than other conventional similar products.
    Touch and Go
    Built-in intelligent IC chip makes quick responds to charge your phone.
    Keep Your Devices Cool
    PCB being moved to USB connector, the pad achieves wireless fast charging without overheating.
    Unique Hexagram Design
    Novel hexagram totem shape makes Hexa outstand from massive products.
    Smart Compatibility
    Support wireless charging enabled smartphones, such as Samsung Note5/s6/s6 Edge/s6 Edge+, LG Nexus 4/Nexus 5/Nexus 6/LTE 2/D1, Nokia Lumia 930/820/1020/1520/920/822, HTC 8X/Butterfly (US Version)/Incredible 4GLTC, Motorola 360, Huawei W3,etc. With ROMOSS wireless charging receiver, you can charge your Non-wireless-charging-enabled phone as well.

  • ROMOSS iCharger 12S AC Adapter

    Two Times Faster
    The powerful 2.1A output that saves half the time for you. Thanks to the dual USB output, you can charge two devices simultaneously.

    The Ideal Travel Companion
    The compact size makes it convenient and easy-to-carry especially when traveling.

    FitCharge Technology
    With intelligent chip inside, iCharger 12s is compatible with most tablets and cell phones on the market.

    Multi-Protection Safety System
    Smart chip, multi-protection circuits, flame retardant double-sided PCB and 3 million RMB liability insurance keep you and your devices safe.

  • ROMOSS iCharger 20 AC Adapter

    Pocket-size & Charging for Two
    The compact size makes it convenient and easy-to-carry especially when traveling or on the go.

    Fast Charging Technology
    iCharger 20 provides the fastest possible charge, up to 2.4 amps.

    Wide Compatibility
    It’s widely compatible with tablets, smartphones, etc.

    Safety First
    Smart chip, multi-protection circuits, flame retardant double-sided PCB keeps you and your devices safe.

  • ROMOSS Power CUBE-4 4-Port USB Power Adapter

    4-Port USB Charger

    10.5W 4-port USB charging hub supports charging 4 devices at the same time.

    Smart Charging

    Built-in hi-tech Ti chip can automatically detect the connected devices and deliver the possible fastest charging speed.

    Fordable & Compact Design

    The flexible plug can fold up to carry easily and avoid scratching your valuable devices.

    LED Power Indicator

    No more guessing on the power status. The LED indicator lights up when switching the power supply which helps locate the charger in the dark.

  • ROMOSS Power CUBE-EX Type-C & USB 3-Port Power Adapter with Qualcomm Quick Charge 3

    One Adapter for Laptop, Tablet & Smartphone
    One multiport adapter is enough to charge your multiple devices at max speed: Type-C output with PD (USB Power Delivery) technology supports fast charging your MacBook; Dual USB outputs charge two devices simultaneously.
    Enjoy 4X Faster Charging Life
    USB output with Qualcomm Quick Charge 3.0 technology delivers 4X faster charging speed than conventional chargers. Save time for you to do more.
    Easy Installation
    Flexible plug is easily to install and can be removed when you carry the adapter out to avoid scratching your valuable devices.
    Advanced Safety
    Ensure all-around protections and reliability for you and your devices.

  • ROMOSS Power CUBE-Pro Power Adapter

    3X Faster Charging
    With built-in fast charging technology, this 18W USB wall charger delivers 3X faster charging speed than 5V 1A 5W adapter. You can fully fuel up a LG G5 in just 74 minutes.
    Keep Cool & Safe
    The built-in fast charging technology can automatically adjust the output current to avoid your valuable devices being overheating.
    Mini-sized & Portable
    The minimalist design is compact and convenient to carry.
    Safety First
    Built-in 7 intelligent protections completely safeguard your devices and let go of any safety worries. The adapter has passed multiple rigorous tests to earn CE, CE-EMC, CB, FCC, RoHS, CCC and LVD certificates.

  • ROMOSS Qi Compliant Wireless Charging Pad

    True Fast Charging

    Qi branded wireless charger with  Speed Boost mechanism for up to 45% faster charging (Relative to other basic 5W Chargers)

    Qi Compliant

    Certified wireless charging pad for all your Qi ready devices

    Low Heat Charging

    Smart fast charging identification and automatic power conditioning detection capability prevents overcharging and heat emission to protect your valuable devices during charging

    Safe Wireless Charger

    Function on Demand automatically detects metal and other foreign objects for safety

  • ROMOSS Ranger 17 mini Car Charger

    Two Powerful USB Charging Ports

    Turn an unused cigarette lighter outlet in your car into 2 powerful USB charging ports that sit flush to the edge of the outlet.

    Full Speed Charging

    Charge two devices simultaneously at full speed with 5V 2.4A of dedicated adaptive power output per USB port.

    Android and Apple Compatible

    Compatible with all USB powered devices including Android & Apple smartphones & tablets.

    Built in Protection

    Built-in safeguards protect your devices against excessive current, overheating, and overcharging.

  • ROMOSS ROCKET AM12 Car Charger

    Charge Two Devices At Once
    With 2 ports that pump out 12 watts of power, ROMOSS ROCKET AM12 charges two devices at once while on the road.

    Stainless steel spring buckle is more durable and has more than 500 plug/unplug cycles.

    Compact Design
    The compact size is designed perfectly for tight spaces of a car.

  • ROMOSS Rocket Power Lite Car Charger

    50W 4-Port Car Charger
    Qualcomm Quick Charge 3.0 is supported, and detects your device to deliver its fastest possible charge.

    Incredibly Powerful
    50 watts of power lets you charge up to four tablets, smartphones or other devices at full speed simultaneously.

    Guaranteed Safety
    Premium construction protects you and your device.

    Durable and Compact Design
    Stainless steel spring buckle is more durable with over 500 plug/unplug cycles. The multiport but compact design is perfectly for tight spaces.