• ROMOSS Portable Charger Station

    Delight Your Customers with Extra Battery Life
    Do you remember how many times a guest or a customer complains about their dead cell phone and borrow for a charger? ROMOSS Portable Charger station is here to delight your guests, make your store a charging destination, draw traffic into your store and increase brand awareness, by providing cell phone charging to your audience at a critical time of need.

    Anti-theft design
    The inductive charging design is different with ordinary power bank. It enables each battery to be only charged by its dock, not by ordinary adapter.

    Compact Design
    You only need small space to use it in restaurants, bars, retail stores, and lounging areas of all sorts.

    Charge 32 Batteries with 1 Socket
    That means, to charge 32 pieces of 10000mAh batteries, you only need one wall socket. It’s super easy to provide 24/7 service of battery.